Car Keys

car key with car keyring

Car keys: Common customer requirements  

  • Vehicle purchased with only one key
  • Car key is broken or damaged
  • Transponder chip in car key is not working / damaged
  • Car Key only works intermittently
  • Car key fob has worn case housing
  • Car key has snapped
  • Car key is worn out

What type of vehicle keys can be repaired, cloned, programmed and cut

  • Remote key fobs (most will need programming with vehicle present)
  • Transponder keys (Since 1995 most keys have a transponder key that requires a chip inside)
  • Standard Car keys (don’t control the central locking)
  • Motorcycle and Motorbike keys
  • Van keys
  • Other vehicles such as caravans / trucks etc.

Should your existing vehicles transponder key or remote key fob be damaged or broken, you will require our specialist key programming, which is a more specialised area compared to standard car key duplication cutting.

Car key circle

Snapped or damaged your car key?

If you have a broken or damaged vehicle key, then we will need to have the key part in stock or order it in. The chip will then be removed from the existing key fob and reinserted into a new fob with cut key blade.

My key is worn-out

In most instances we can duplicate your existing key to original specification and the existing immobiliser chip within the transponder keys can be re used in a new key fob.

Remote Car Key Fob Repairs

If you have a damaged or broke remote key fob to your vehicle this could cause many issues with a vehicle such as:

  • Car door not opening
  • Vehicle not starting

If you require a replacement or the fob needs repairing, it can be reprogrammed by our specialist locksmiths to help in this case.