Home Security Systems & CCTV


We supply and Install CCTV Cameras which can be linked to your mobile devices, giving you the freedom to check live and recorded footage from anywhere around the world.

Intruder Alarms

Burglar Alarms are a significant deterrent when it comes to home and business security especially when you’re not at the premises 24/7. We can supply, install and annually maintain your alarm system for you to help keep your home and business secure.


Security Shutters

Installing security shutters on a business property are the perfect way to keep out any intruders to prevent burglary and damage. We will be able to install any shutter on a window or door.

Security Grilles

We have the correct skills to install, repair any security bar or grill. Security grilles can be fitted to any Door or Window for the home or business. There can be various types of grilles: From Bar Grilles, Mesh Grilles and Collapsible Grilles these can all be used on the inside or outside of any home/business.


Security Gates

If your wanting to improve your home or business security, Security Gates are a great way of deterring of keeping out unwanted visitors. We may be able to install or repair any type of Security Gate for you, whether you have an automatic or manual gate. They will also be able to recommend and install specific locks for your gates.

Fire Doors

With the legal requirement now for businesses to conduct fire risk assessments the importance of fire doors and having the correct door furniture on them is more and more important. Fire safety and security is of vital importance within the work place and at home following recent events. We will be able to help you find the best solution for your fire door requirements.

Door Closers/Openers

Door Closers and openers are often a great way of ensuring the security of your rental or business property. They can not only ensure that doors close properly and are therefore securely, they are often vital to maintain the correct movement function of fire doors. Whilst a lot of door closers are mechanical, they can often need maintenance and repair work. Electronic door openers/closers are another area where we can help.